Berezina, the test bench

The research test bench allows developing control laws for the state-of-art flight systems very efficiently. The flight system functions from the take-off to the landing and changes the stability and handling characteristics in manual mode for the better. It also allows the pilot to execute a number of flight mission stages (for example, en-route operation, and hovering and land approach) through the use of the mode selector completely in automatic mode. For the aircraft and flight systems control the pilot uses the indicators on the dashboard, the control box and the visual information about the outside world. The research test bench reasonably simulates flight conditions and allows pilots to appreciate different control law projects and to improve them.

The most important requirement for the flight system development is the flight safety requirements provided through the use of the flight system monitoring systems and its failure state indication devices. The research bench is an efficient instrument for the flight system fail-safe feature appreciation, failure state indication developing and pilot recommendations for actions in failure cases formulization.

Immediately prior to the flight tests the bench is carefully examined by the research pilots.

Through the use of this technology the flight systems for the helicopters Mi-28N (Night Hunter), Ka-52 (Alligator), Mi-8, Mi-26, Ka-31, and Ka-226 were tested successfully. According to different experts by means of this bench the flight test scope decreases twofold or even fourfold.