Technical reorganization of production is a key factor for successful development of KBPA in the future. The company’s greater share of profits is invested in reorganization. Within recent years machinery equipment has renewed by more than 80 %. The acquisition of modern production machinery helped to implement programs of the company within minimum timeframes coupled with high quality standards. Now KBPA owns a park of new machinery tools of world-leading manufacturers. Mechanical production department has a multifunction machine center tools that perform turning, milling and electrosparking part processing.

A high quality of soldered joints is motivated by requirement of improving electronic components reliability. They are the main elements of automatic control systems. For this reason a laser soldering technology and equipment are implementing intensively in KBPA now. This technology provides a next-level reliability of soldered joints. BeamWorks Automated Selective Assembly System Spark 400 providing a complete process cycle of a laser soldering is put into production run by KBPA for the first time in Russia.

For prototype model production, different maintenance operations and extra mounting works (pins and connectors placing, wire bonding) are used:

- Antistatic microprocessor soldering station Dig200A by ERSA, Germany

- Antistatic soldering stations Analog 20A and Analog 60A by ERSA, Germany

- Service station based on infrared “gun” IP500A by ERSA, Germany

Automated system UNB-3 by Bazalt (Russia) for poly-para-xylain coating is already in operation. The whole coating process is under rigid computer control. The acquisition of galvanic coating machine and X-ray control equipment for future production are in perspective. Keeping the engineering and manufacturing facilities of the company up-to-date is a keystone of its stability, high competitive ability and future progress.