Project deadlines and its severe quality requirements determine 3D CAD system design and state-of-art electronic components design cycles (Invertor, AutoCAD, PCAD and Expedition) large-scale implementation. These systems provide the full range of electronic design, immediate introduction of changes in the project and design documentation implementation.


In the process of the new generation electromechanisms design (trim mechanisms, extensible thrusts, etc) KBPA uses the combination of engineering solutions based on the principles of electronics and exact electromechanics called mechatronics. The engineering solutions for its realization are based on the use of the DC thyratron (brushless) motors with specially formed electronic collector (commutator) based on the «MOTOR CLASS» controllers.

At the present time KBPA develops some electromechanisms versions (extensible thrusts and trim mechanisms). Among them is the extensible duplex mechanism RMD-1. The mechanical part in this actuator is based on the ball-and-screw unit. The experimental models RMD-1 for Mi-38 pass a test now. Concurrently with that KBPA develops similar mechanisms based on the mechanical screw-and-nut assembly.