About Us

Industrial automatics design bureau (KBPA) JSC develops and manufactures flight and navigation systems and automatic flight control systems for different types of aircrafts, i.e. military and commercial helicopters, UAVs, small aircrafts, target-missiles, airships, etc. KBPA JSC was founded on February 24, 1947. Since 1994 KBPA JSC is a joint stock company with government stock. The company obtains all permits and licenses required for its activities in aviation industry. KBPA JSC is a member of the biggest instrument engineering holding company Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies (KRET), which is governed by Rostec Corporation.

The most part of development were made in the field of automatic flight control systems manufacturing for Mil and Kamov companies. KBPA JSC personnel developed autopilots and automatic flight control systems for the Mi-14, Mi-24, Mi-26, Mi-28H, Mi-8, Mi-171 helicopters and for the Mi-4 helicopter drone version for Mil company. Most of Kamov helicopters beginning with the Ka-25 are equipped with automatic flight systems developed by KBPA JSC. Digital-to-analog helicopter automatic flight control system was developed for the Ka-50 Black Shark for the first time in the country. Nowadays the KBPA JSC team is striking not only for the development of new flight and flight and navigation systems, but either for improvement of existing systems, in order to elevate its functional, engineering and economic parameters. At the present time the company has finished the development of САУ-800 automatic flight control system for the Ka-52 Alligator, САУ-32-226М for the KA-226T, ПКВ-М24А for the Mi-24 and Mi-28H Night Hunter, basic ПКВ-8 for the Mi-8/171, СУУ-А for Ansat, etc. The KBPA JSC team is developing enthusiastically redundant automatic flight control systems for the Mi-38, Mi-171A2 and Ka-62. Development, manufacturing, testing and certification of the ПВН-1-хх flight management system as a component item was key to the company growth. This equipment served as a base for development of navigation systems for the Ka-226 T (the certification is completed) and the Mi-171A2 which is now at the stage of testing and certification). AR IAC certification of САУ-32-226М and ПВН-1-04 for the Ka-226T is complete. At present time ПВН-1-хх can be used either as a navigation system and as a single airborne satellite navigation equipment . For the first time the company developed АПД-30 autopilot and СДУ-30 remote control system for AU-30 Argus airship domestically. These systems were supplied to the customer Augur CJSC as a part of ПНО-30 flight and navigation equipment. The systems passed onboard tests successfully.

As for the airplanes the company developed АП-155 for different modifications of the MiG-21, САУ-23 for different modification of the MiG-23 and ВСУПТ-85МВЛ computer flight and thrust control system for the IL-114 of regional aviation. In the field of UAV development the company designed new and modified existing automatic flight control systems for man-carrying airplanes and helicopters operating while changing to unmanned flight. Thus these systems ensure permanent aircraft control from the take-off until landing and taxing along the runway in automatic mode. KBPA JSC developed such systems as АП-73, АП-122 for ЛА-17М target-airplane, САУ-131 for KRYLO object, АСМ-21 for the MiG-21M target-airplane, ПК-400М for Dan target, ПНК-300 for KORSHUN object and other equipment for target- missiles. The present day the company has begun to use advanced techniques of development, manufacturing and certification of aircraft systems. Automated hardware and software and modern information technologies are implemented in the processes of production design, manufacturing, management and certification. The company developed ВУП-У new-generation computers based on self-designed МВИ-5200 processor module with PowerPC architecture and ported LynxOS-178 hard real-time operating system. The same processor module is used as a computer kernel in ПВН-1-хх. Airborne helicopter systems based on ВУП-У computers such as ПКВ-8 (supplied to India as a part of the Mi-8), ПВН-1-04 (certified for the Ka-226T by AR IAC) have been thoroughly tested. They are mass-produced. AR IAC certification of the intelligent units, software for ВУП-У-38 and self-designed articles as parts of ПКВ-38 of the Mi-38 is complete.

At current KBPA JSC is developing more powerful redundant МВМ processor module for a computer being a part of airborne flight and flight and navigation systems of man-carried and unmanned types of aircrafts. KBPA JSC performs research works implemented further during development phase in order to produce advanced airborne systems using integrated modular avionics and fly-by-wire system methods and to introduce the latest information technologies, software and hardware in the aircraft. The company gives considerable attention to development of manufacturing and testing facilities, ground test benches, test benches and product acceptance benches. By using developed in KBPA JSC distinctive Berezina helicopter flight simulator, multiple unified ground test benches, test and control equipment, acceptance test benches, it has been possible to implement modern algorithms and software in the developed products, to elevate the quality of debugged aircraft systems and to reduce costs of flight tests and service.

The company consistently participates in all designated international exhibitions such as HeliRussia in Moscow, MAKS in Zhukovskiy, exhibitions in Kazan, etc. as a member of KRET.

KBPA JSC devotes much attention to social issues and training specialists. Juventation of trained professional staff is performed by means of involvement of the graduates of Yu. A. Gagarin Saratov State Technical University and Saratov State University named after N.G. Chernyshevsky obtaining the status of National Research Institute. KBPA JSC, in collaboration with Yu. A. Gagarin Saratov State Technical University, originated SGTU-KBPA Corporate Center of Excellence. It conducts the joint scientific researches and trains the students of main faculties for the company. With the assistance of KRET the company provides accommodation to high potential staff and offers an opportunity for year-round holidays at health resort of the Black Sea coast.

Development of KBPA JSC shares the destiny of the majority of the oldest instrument –making companies. It has been following this path for more than 65 years preserving and multiplying the creative and economic potential in the interest of domestic aviation development.