Industrial Automatics Design Bureau (KBPA) JSC is one of the leading Russian highly-developed engineering companies. It was founded on February, 24, 1947. The company develops and produces automatic control systems, integrated flight and flight-and-navigation systems for different types of aircrafts. The majority of KBPA successful projects were developed in the field of automatic flight control systems (AFCS) and flight-and-navigation systems for helicopters designed by Mil' and Kamov companies, including Mi-28 “Night Hunter” and Ka-52 “Alligator” helicopters. New generation systems are based on a unified computer VYP-Y with a PowerPC based processor and LynxOS-178 operating system, certified as per level A of DO-178B standard. The abovementioned approach reduces time for product development, its weight and size characteristics, and improves its quality. All types of the company’s activities in the aviation industrial sphere are licensed.